‘Full House’ Home SOLD for $5.3M Just as Lori Loughlin Begins Serving her Time in the BIG House

The nineteenth century home utilized for outside shots in the exemplary 1980s sitcom Full House was sold for $5.3 million dollars after the show’s maker chose to sell up as the reboot reaches a conclusion, Your Content has learned.

Jeff Franklin, 64, repurchased the home in San Francisco in 2016 for around $4million, and utilized the property for five periods of Netflix‘s Fuller House which will wrap up later on this year.

With no more Tanner family tricks to film close to the property, Franklin, who really lives in Los Angeles, chose to sell up, reports KPIX5.

What’s more, the deal comes soon after the Lori Loughlin began serving her jail time.

He had expected to make it look precisely as it did on TV, however neighbors went against remodels because of a likely expansion in tourists.

In the end, the structure licenses got pulled and he had to sell.

While the initial credits cause it to appear as though a Steiner road Painted Lady, the house is really situated about a mile north on Broderick road, reports nearby media.

He told KPIX5: ‘We brought the cast up and we as a whole had a fabulous time and I think the fans truly delighted in the stuff that we shot up there.

‘But now “Fuller House” is reaching a conclusion, and I love San Francisco yet I don’t live there, and I truly don’t need to be a truant property manager, so it’s backpedaling on the market.’

The Pacific Heights home, initially worked in 1883, was just utilized for outside shots and recently highlighted a dazzling red entryway – which has been supplanted by an impressive purple.

As Your Content perusers know, Lori Loughlin will go through fourteen days in COVID-19 seclusion as she starts her multi month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin.

The entertainer was condemned to two months in jail in August for her job in the school affirmations scandal.

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